The experienced Elastostar Rubber Corporation team collaborates with designers, engineers and quality experts in top USA and overseas companies to supply precision engineered moldings ranging from very large to very small products.

Elastostar can supply from a comprehensive proprietary range, or we can custom design molding solutions to meet your special requirements.

We deliver the highest quality molded and extrusion products because we invest in:

  • Skilled people: The design, development, manufacture and testing of high quality, fine tolerance tools is a Elastostarâ„¢ specialty skill, gained through a long tradition of manufacturing. We work with both injection and compression molding technologies.
  • Sophisticated technology to provide:
    • Small, intricate moldings, or large products weighing up to 100kg each.
    • Short R&D runs, or large production volumes.
    • Consistent quality control and accurate batch data.